Saturday, May 26, 2012


First of all, if anyone has any sort of top secret guide to layouts & using your own designs in blogger, please email me.  Apparently I'm not very blog savvy (as I'm sure you've noticed by my weird header that I thought I had deleted).

At any rate, on to bigger and better things.  I scored some great deals at the Belk one day sale this morning on their Red Dot clearance.  Today it was marked down an extra 50% off the current ticketed price, plus until 1 pm today there was an extra 10% off of that.  No new shoes, but I did get a new dress, awesome Sunny Leigh skirt, knit/rope trim tank top & a long open weave sweater that was absolutely too cool to pass up.  Once I figure out posting photos, I'll share!

Since my shopping spree I've been very industrious at home with some priming/painting.  Previously our entry way was red and from the number of nail holes in the wall that I had to spackle over, we must have really hated it!  So, today was priming day.  Thus far there is a full gallon of Valspar High Hiding Primer on the walls and only one wall is ALMOST finished.  I guess at least it's only taking two coats of primer as opposed to the many gallons of red paint it took to cover them originally.  That was something like 3 or 4 gallons and this is a teeny tiny room, perhaps 8' x 7' or thereabouts.  Those were not fun days so I suppose that's why it's taken 8 years to change it - that was a lot of hard work and who wants to admit they screwed up after all that?

Friday, April 20, 2012

inaugural post...

There are two things you should know about me:
1 - I LOVE high heels, most especially platforms.  I have no idea why seeing as how I'm already almost 6 feet tall.  Doesn't matter, I absolutely love a fantastic platform shoe.
2 - I also love to bake.  I try to bake something from scratch every weekend, as my work schedule usually prevents me from having the time during the week. 

So, without further adieu, welcome to High Heels & Cupcakes!  I'll be documenting my stellar deals on high heels, my adventures in baking & decorating, and probably some home improvement thrown in since we're always in the middle of some project or another!